A lot of people ask why they should learn facebook ads? Let me tell you something, if you want to increase your business revenue, facebook ads should be the next big thing you should be thinking about.


With more than 1.9 billion active users on facebook according to statista.com, what do you think would happen to your business if 1% of these users see your products or services.


Another great thing about facebook ads is that, you can target specific group of people within a particular niche, based on certain criteria such as location (Country, state, cities and even by zip code), gender, age, interest, behaviours and even life events.


With facebook ads, you can promote any type of content as long as it is legal and can help grow your business.


Jijong what type of content are you talking about?


Am talking about text post, albums (Carousels), videos, events and even link to your website.


All this is good but what if I have an ecommerce store?



Wait! Do you have an online store? Facebook ads should be what you should be playing around with.




Cause facebook ads is the best place you can find buyer and above all, you can pay facebook to optimise your ads and send you just buyers is called “Increase Website Conversion”


When I started out with facebook ads, I found it very difficult to run successful ads campaigns, as I grow I notice that, a lot of beginners had the same problems I had when I started


For this reason, I decided to create this step by step guide to help you launch your first facebook ads campaign



At the end of this guide, you should be able to set up a successful facebook advertising campaign.


Before we dive into the game of setting up a successful ads campaign, I have a question


What is facebook advertising?



According to Neil Patel, facebook advertising is paying to place promotion and product offers in the news feed of a specific, targeted audience on facebook.


But how really does facebook advertising work?


The first thing I will like you to understand is that, facebook advertising platform, is and auction advertising platform. Where advertisers such as you and I, are competing for ads space.


It means, you would have to do a lot of testing to find the ads that works for your business and convert very well.


Why should you choose facebook advertising for your business


  • Facebook has more than 1.9 billion users as from 2017, which mean your target customer can be among.


  • Facebook ads is good for any type of business as long as it is legal due to it numerous targeting options


  • You can show your product or service on facebook base on gender age location and even event they have attain


  • Big companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Coca-cola, Alibaba in china and MTN in Africa are using facebook ads to increase your client database.


Jijong all this companies you listed have huge marketing budget, so can afford to run facebook ads.


Yes you’re right, they all have huge marketing budget but that is not the reason why they are running facebook ads


Okay what is the reason?


All this big companies are running facebook ads because it works. And believe it or not facebook ads are dead cheap compare to other advertising platform such as Google Adwords.


Sorry Google but is true you guys are too expensive


So let get started


Creating a facebook page


Before you can run a facebook ads, you must have a facebook page




This because facebook ads are attach to businesses and businesses are attach to facebook pages


As a result, you cannot run a facebook ads with your personal account, so you need to create a facebook page.


So let create one


To create a facebook page go here


There are 6 different type of facebook pages you can create as seen above, but the truth is at the end, it doesn’t really matter the type of page you choose to create.


So in this guide, we would choose brand or product since we would be trying to get a lot of visibility on our product.



So I would choose brand or product, and the category will be pet supplier.


The next thing is, which name do you want to give to your page?


In my case I will called mine “I love my dog” and will click get started.




we just created a facebook page.




As you can see it does not really look that good, so let me make it look good



Let start by adding the page image and a cover picture



As you can see I already have the images save in my laptop. All now is just to upload them to my facebook page.





I just designed my facebook page.


Launching a  facebook ads campaign


There are two ways in managing a facebook ads campaign


First we have


Ads manager which is the most simplest way to manager your facebook ads and what I would be using in this guide and secondly, we have power editor and for the sake of simplicity, we are not going to talk about it here. Power editor is for advance facebook advertisers.



Screw down and click “Create advert”


This will take you to advert manager commonly called “Ads Manager” and this where we will be creating our first ads.



But first let look at certain terminology. If you look at the left sidebar, you will see campaign, Adverts account, Adverts set and adverts.


So let briefly describe each of this





The campaign section is where you choose your ads objective. That is, you choose the type of ads you want your audience to see.



As you can see, facebook has 10 different ads objectives


Which include


  • Brand Awareness


  • Reach


  • Traffic


  • Engagement


  • App install


  • Video views


  • Lead generation


  • Conversion


  • Product catalogues sale


  • Store visit


Each of this ads objective has different purpose but there are just four I love using


I have


  • Traffic


  • Engagement


  • Video views


  • Conversion


Whether am running a facebook ads for my products or for my client, I alway use one of this ads objective because of their simplicity and also because they always convert for me.


Advert account



This where you setup your account information such as country, currency and time zone.


I highly recommend you leave it by default


Advert set


Advert set is where you choose your audience (people who will see your ads), ads placement (where your ads will appear is’t in the news feed, right column, mobile, desktop or even instagram etc), and budget and schedule (this where you choose how much you want to spend on an ads and how long the ads with run.)




Advert is simply ads format, media and additional creative. When we get to it you would understand better.


The ads objective I will choose is “engagement” that is, I want to pay facebook to get more engagement on my product such as likes, shares and comments.


Where it says campaign name, always use this format



Product name-campaign objective



By so doing, you will always know the type of ads objective you are running and the product you are trying to send traffic too.



Click setup advert account



As I earlier said above just allow this part by default and click continue





They people you are going to show your ads to choose them carefully.


I hear a lot people complain that facebook ads don’t work, the truth is facebook ads works, is just that, they have the right product, but are showing it to the wrong audience.


Pro Tips: Always have an audience of 75,000-500,000 reach if you are going specific and 500,000-1.500,000 if you are going broad.


I learn this from Chris Record the founder of TecAcademics


So let get started



Location is simply where you want your ads to be shown. Do you want your ads to be shown in a particular country, do you want your ads to be shown to a particular state, city or even to people using a particular zip code.


Just stick with country



In this example I will be targeting the USA


Pro Tips: if you are selling a physical product, target just the country where the physical product is located.


For example let say you are in the U.S and you are selling an iphone and you use facebook ads to target someone from Africa let say Cameroon.


For one reason or another is not going to convert than if you target people who live in the U.S


But if you are selling a digital product, you can go worldwide and is still going to convert if your product is good.


Below is a list of top 5 converting countries in the world


  • United State


  • Canada


  • United Kingdom


  • Australia


  • New Zealand




Cause the are countries where credit cards are highly use.



Location: United State




I always go for 21 because 18 years old don’t buy but they love to share, comment and like.


So if your goal is to get a lot engagement and not sales, go for 18.





Gender most of the time will depend on your product. If your product is for women, target just women, if your product is for men, target just men but if your product is mix that is men and women, target both.


So before you choose gender, you must have a clear vision of who your target customer is.


In my case I would choose all





For me I always go for English


Detailed targeting



This is actually where the magic happens. If you do this right, you can spend $50 on just one campaign and make $1000.


But if you don’t do this right, you will just dash facebook with your hard earn money.


Let me give you one tip you should always have at the back of your mind when doing detail targeting


Read this again and again


You should never ever target generic keywords when doing facebook ads.



Generic keywords are words such as food, drinks, animals( dog or cats), cars, houses (if you are in the real estate niche, you should never target the word house), nature, movies, music etc


Rather target keywords base on website, authors, celebrities, books, brand, magazine.


By doing this, you will target specific group of passionate people who are likely going to be interested in your product.



For example, rather than targeting the keyword car, you can instead target people that are interested in specific brand of cars such as acura, alfa romeo, aston martin, bentley, BMW, bugatti etc.


Targeting people that are interested in specific car brands, magazine or blogs is better, cause by so doing, you are going more deeper and targeting people that are more likely to buy what you have to offer.


So let do a live example


In this example I would be targeting dogs lovers



As you can see above the interest dog has over 60 million people. This too big of and interest to target.


So let try to narrow it down



To narrow it down I would target keywords such as


  • I love my dogs


  • I love my dog


  • I love cute puppies


  • I love cute puppys


  • Cute dogs








Now we have a more narrow down interest of 210,000 people, which is more deeper and detailed targeted.


Connection and Save This Audience

Add a connection type


As a beginner just allow this by default



Always save your audience so that you can use it in future





As a beginner I highly recommend “automatic placements” recommended by facebook but as you grow and gain experience in facebook ads, you will learn how to play around with facebook ads placements.


Budget and Schedule




Budget is how much you want to spend per day on an ads. I always choose $5 for a start but as the ads is performing well I always increase the ads budget.





Facebook allows you to run your ads continuously starting from the very moment you set up the ads still the day you feel as to end.




You can set up a start and end date for your ads. If you are that type of person that loves to forget things, I highly recommend you set up and end date for your ads.


But don’t really bother yourself about that am very sure you cannot forget that you have and ads up and running.





As you can see above, you can either create a new advert or choose an existing post.


We will just create a new advert




Start by choosing the page you want to run the ads with; as you can see above, mine is I love my dog






Ads format, is simply the way you will want your ads to look like. As you can see above, there are three types of ads formats.


We have


Single image


Single video




I highly recommend you stick with either single image or single video when you are starting out. In this example I would choose single image.





This is where you upload the image of your ads. It can be the image of your product or it can be the image of your of service.


Facebook highly recommend and image size of 1200 * 628 pixel



Click on upload images and choose the image you want to use from your computer.





This is the section where you actually create your ads copy.


According to brick marketing, Ad copy is a term that refers to the main text of a clickable advertisement, whether it is a contextual or a pay per click ad


What brick marketing is trying to explain here is that, and ads copy is what your target customer is going to see when they browsing around facebook.


Your ads copy is what with actually make your customer want to click on your ads.



Just put in something as simple as you see above if you are selling and ecommerce product.



You can then preview it on the right side to see how is going to look on various devices.



Hit place order




you just created your first facebook ads.


Pro Tips.


Once your ads has been approved by facebook, create a similar version of the ads 5 times and allow it to run for 24 hours.


After 24 hours, go into ads manager account and look through your ads to see which ads are not performing well.


Kill all the ads that are not performing well and allow the one that are performing really well.




That was a beginner’s guide to facebook ads. By the end of this guide, am sure you should be able to create a facebook ads from scratch.


You should understanding what audience mean and what detail targeting means.


You should be able to target specific group of people, base on the websites they visit, brands they like, magazines they read, authors they follow and the books they read.



If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to reply.


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