In today’s blog post, I want to share with you my 7 proven tips I used to generate 109 killing blog post ideas within my niche.


How many times has this happen to you? You are about to sit down and write a blog post, but find out that you have no idea on what to write about.


It happens to everybody. Infact when I started my first blog, it used to happen to me all the time. I would sit down to write a blog post but will have no idea on what to write about. So, I decided to find a solution to overcome this problem which am about to share with you.


In this post, you will find some practical tips and strategies, you can implement in your blogging career, to find awesome blog post ideas and overcome this problem.

So let get started


1.Google Alerts


According to wikipedia, Google Alert is a content change detection and notification service offer by the search engine company Google


Blog post ideas

First go to




Type in the word “Google Alert”




Choose the first one that says “Google Alerts-Monitor the web for interesting content.



A page like this will pop-up




Type in the search box a keyword related to your niche. As you can see in this example, the keyword am using is “weight loss”


Note that, you most to login to your gmail account to access this feature



Click on create alert.



You will see a page like the one above. Actually what google alert with do is that, they would notify me, each time some write and article or make a video with the word “Weight Loss” in it


For example each time someone would write a blog post on weight loss, google alert would send me an email notifying me that a blog post was written. As a result, permitting me to have and idea on the type of blog post people are writing about when it comes to weight loss




You want to pay very close attention to the left sidebar.


How often: Choose once a day


Source: choose automatic. This would send you alerts each time some writes as article, blog post, book, etc on your topic


Language: I speak english so I would choose english


Region: you can choose to receive alert from a specific country or you

            can do any region as seen above


How many: only the best results


Delivery to: put the email you want google to send the alerts to.




You will receive alerts like this in your inbox and if you see any blog post idea, you can write it somewhere and use it to create a better article after.





Another great way to find blog post ideas which I hardly hear people talk about, are linkedin groups.


Linkedin group are a great way to find hot topics because, people are already talking about a particular subject which means they are already interested in what you want to write.


Let get started



The first thing is to go to




Go to the search box



And in the search box, put in your keyword. As you can see, in this second example mine is still “weight loss”



You will see a search result similar to this




Go to the top menu and choose groups



And only choose groups that have a lot of members.


For example Health, Fitness, Nutrition Anti-aging Tools and Secrete has 52,176 members. This the type of group you should join if you are in the fitness niche.

Click on the group and request to join.


3.Tap Into Blog Within Your Niche


First go to google



Type your keyword in the search box



A result page will popup as seen above. Choose the first result, in my case I would choose



This what popup in my case



Screw down while looking at the sidebar. What you are looking for are blog post that have really perform well on this  blogs within the past days, weeks, months or even years. Most blogs usually put their best performing blog post on their sidebar.


For example in the case of I found on their sidebar “Trending Now” which tells me which articles or blog posts are performing well on their blog.


So I can pick a blog post like “How to make 3 Ingredient Pancakes” and model it to come out with some thing brand new such as “The ultimate guide in making Pancakes with just 3 Ingredient”


So that’s  how you can tap into other people’s blog to come out with hot blog post ideas.




Infographic is a very hot way to find killing blog post ideas.




First go to



In the search box type [keyword+infographic]. In my case it would be “weight loss infographic”.



You would see a result page like this depending on your keyword. Search to look for pinterest.



This is what popup in my case. As you can see, this a really amazing list of high quality infographics.


For example you can see “Weight loss 101 what’s In The Pound”



You can tap into this to come out with nice blog topics such as “How to lose weight in 7 days” or “How to lose without exercise”





Using forums is a great way to find nice blog post ideas.


First search for forums within your niche. You can use “keyword+forums”


Apply to joint only forums that are extremely popular and  a lot of discussions are going on in it.



In my case am on which is a very popular weight loss forum.


The next thing I would do is screw around the forum to see what people are talking about.



For example “Newcomers” seems to have a lot of engagement. It has over 14k discuss and 63k messages.


I would open the sub forum to see what people are talking about and the difficulties they are facing, from there I would come up with blog post ideas to solve their problems in my blog.


6.Ask your audience directly


Another way to find great blog post ideas is to ask directly to your followers on social media.


In this example I would use facebook but you can use Linkedin, google+, twitter or any other social network out there.



First go to your facebook account




And in the post box just put in something really simple as this

“Hey guys what are some of the

Difficulties you face when it comes

To [keyword] I would really like to know”.


You will find out that a lot of people would start posting comments on the difficulties there are facing when it comes to that particular topics.


From there you can see which one are the most common and write a blog post on it.


Note do not tell them you want to write a blog post, just ask them the question and wait to see what people would reply from there you can develop a blog post idea.


Am using that and it work like a charm





What is Buzzsumo and how can it help you get awesome blog ideas.


According to Mike GinGer Rich, Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that allows any user to find out what  content are popular by topic or by website.


Buzzsumo can help you


  • Analyze content to see what people are talking about and which content are going viral social media


  • It can also help you determine who are influencers in a particular niche


Let get started



First go to



In the search box enter your keyword e.g “weight loss” for me and hit “Go”



A page like this would pop up. Showing me the most shared content on the web for the keyword “Weight loss”



You can filter by 24 hours, past week, past month, past 6 months or even past year.

I highly recommend you alow it on “past years”.




Look through the result to see which articles where most shared. For example “lavell crawford shows off his 120 pound weight loss” was share 174.5k times.


Next simple model the blog post to come out with something new.


Another way to use Buzzsumo is by verifying to see which content were highly shared on your competitor’s blog and from it, you can come out with good blog post ideas.


Let get started


In the buzzsumo search, put in your competitor’s url “” in my case and hit “Go”


Buzzsumo with show me which content on my competitor’s blog had the most share. From it I can model it and come out with new blog post ideas.




So guys those are my 7 proven tips I used to generate 109 killing blog post ideas.

Google Alerts


Linedin Group


Tapping into blogs within your niche






Ask your audiance directly




If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment below.


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