About Me

Before, I start, I want to say thank you for checking out my about me page. 

let me tell you a little bit about my personal life.

I’m Jijong Emmanuel. I’m an online entrepreneur from Cameroon. I’m a fun loving, hard working, easy going, down to earth guy, that enjoys life to the fullest.

I’m a diverse and passionate person. I enjoy a constructive conversation, hanging out with friends and family and a good laugh once in a while.

I love to be around humorous people as I can be a goofball (stupid) person once in a while. I love people who love to laugh and not shy about making me smile as well.

I’m probably the most loyal and caring person you will ever work with. Most of all, I’m a family guy, family is extremely important to me.

My career and that of my clients are extremely important as well. That is why I’m always looking to work with amazing people around the world, who take grow seriously and are willing to do some changes in their business just to grow.

I will not say I’m the best in what I do but I’m confident about my skills and that is why I strongly believe I can help you grow your business.

I’m passionate about helping companies grow and can assist you in the following domains.


Social Media Marketing and Corporate social media management

Content Marketing

Facebook Advertising

Video advertising

Mobile advertising

Pay per click

Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing

Check out my service page. If you are serious about your business and will like to see some changes in terms of growth and revenue, let me work with you.

If you have any question or will like us to have a one-on-one chat, feel free to contact me.

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